Photo by: Svens Skriveris

     Born in northern New Jersey, Victoria vehemently rejected any athletic activity and naturally gravitated to the arts, first violin then piano and then the fine arts, primarily oil painting – all of which she continues to this day. She’s attended multiple programs in institutions including but not limited to, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute. The Florence Academy of the Arts and Sotheby’s. She has a realistic and impressionistic background for oil painting but has since then, branched out in animation, film, performance art and drawing, and incorporates these fields into her work. Victoria’s work has touched upon topics of mathematics, science while also investigating light and projections. Most recently, she chooses to focus on the effects of beauty and aesthetics on human psychology and by extension, society. Her Senior Thesis at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts described an intellectual and moral dilemma of art conservation when applied to music.

     Since a graduate of the Museum School, she is continuing her education at Boston University by taking chemistry courses to prepare her for graduate school in Art Conservation.

     I work with oil paint because I like its versatility; oil paint can be as viscous as the paint straight from the tube or it can be as free flowing as watercolor. The properties and effects of the paint drastically change depending both upon the use of media and interruption of the stubbornly long drying process, which I often use to my advantage.

    I have been interested in the role of beauty and aesthetics in society and the human psyche. While this topic has natural connections to the social and the political sphere, my focus will be on the more psychological aspect. Beauty, it’s practical use but also it’s philosophy, is often related to success, power, and even divinity to name a few. These complex relationships combined with my innate desire to scientifically analyze human phenomena drive me to create complex and involved work, both compositionally and in subject matter.

All work stated as mine © Victoria K. Kitirattragarn. All Rights Reserved

All works published © Victoria K. Kitirattragarn. All Rights Reserved